Intel Next Unit Computing NUC Supply in Malaysia

Next Unit of Computing (NUC) is a small form factor computers designed by Intel. Most of the time computers are in the typical desktop size of ATX chassis. Those bulky chassis usually sits on the table or under the desk. Most of the time, the user will have a standard 150cm x 70cm table working space. The computer chassis already occupy 18 x 40cm some space if placed on the table. Hence most the users place it on the floor.

But when placed on the floor, the power supply unit and fans tends to get dusty and eventually fail. From time to time we need to even clean it which involve some cost to maintain.

Typical office with traditional computers usage
Old Desktop Computer

Introduction to Intel NUC

With the size of 4 x 4 inch the whole unit can just be mounted behind the monitor which is secured with VESA mount.

Though it is small, the performance are varies ranging from Intel Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, i5 and even i7. All are capable of running 2.5″ SATA, M.2 SSD Drives which are famous for their speed and reliability. Office computers usually needs around 120GB which stores the Windows 10 Operating and Microsoft Office. The storage is suffice to store for 3 years of data.

Every units come with WIFI built in and at the same time equipped with Gigabit Ethernet which provide the flexibility to be deployed in traditional LAN cable networks and even latest WIFI Networks.

This video shows what Intel NUC can do for you.

With its small foot print, it can be integrated into any smart solutions or devices like digital signage or even day to day appliances like fridge.

Each unit come with a processor and WIFI card installed. You just need to add SSD drive and RAM which allows you to tailor according to your usage needs. After that just install OS and you are good to go. In terms of reliability, Intel covers you 3 years warranty which gives you a piece of mind. At Swisspac, we are committed to give you an advance warranty if there are any hardware failure.

What do you mean by advance warranty?

In the case of hardware failure occur,  we will request advance warranty replacement unit from Intel and then go onsite to replace for you. This will minimize the down time and reduce the productivity interruption.

Intel NUC for Home Use and Gaming

Aside from business usage, the NUC are powerful enough to run your favorite games that request high performance graphics.

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