1. Stephanie_Coleman

    Swisspac Resources Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian Home grown IT Store and Solutions center that do design, deploy and after sales support. Incorporated since 2001, grown from a small company to a medium sized corporation within a few years and has since expanded our business Kuala Lumpur since year 2015. Offer extensive range of products and we have been providing reliable and cost effective solutions to customer. Act as one-stop IT solution Centre that recommends only quality-assured products and services to customers. With our team full of experiences in IT industry, we are confident that we are able to meet all the requirements for customers’ IT needs. ‘Customer becomes friend’ is our motto as it values its customers’ satisfactions and provide distinctive after sales services. We think Win – Win – We Win When The Customer Win W ad8 e are lean – We minimize our operation to stay competitive We listen to customer needs – We emphasize on total customer satisfaction We are 16 years in IT – Our expertise, the catalyst to transform your business opportunity

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