Peplink Balance One Core 5 Ports WAN Load Balancing Router in Penang and Selangor

One Huge Leap Forward for SMB, and Branch Networking.

The Balance One router with dual-WAN load balancing delivers big-business uptime and speed in an affordable package designed just for SMBs, branch offices, and power users.


  1. 600Mb WAN Throughput
    (How you calculate throughput. Let say you got 2 internet lines. 1 x Time Broadband 100MB up and 100MB Download and Another one is Unifi 50Mb Download and 20Mb Upload = Total Throughput = 270MB)
  2. Dual WAN with Optional activation to max 5 WAN Ports. Good for place that do not have high speed broadband and need to use a lot of cost effective ADSL.
  3. Enterprise features where you can connect remote clients to your private network using L2TP with IPsec, monitor Bandwidth Usage, allocate bandwidth on application, and more.
  4. 8 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Ports
  5. Support USB Modem for LTE or 3G Network
  6. Support VPN Link Bonding. (Both side need to use Peplink Solution and additional activation for Speedfusion needed).

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