Webroot Enterprise Cloud Antivirus Protecting Against Phishing Fraud Documents

Cyber crime are getting rampant nowadays where a lot of Ransomwares, malwares and also the increasing in victims getting hijacked on their banking transactions which known as Phishing.


Phishing is an attempt to obtain username and passwords by disguise as the a trustworthy entity of big corporations name. The normal method which frequently used are via email spoofing which looks the same like the original legit company represented. Normal user which non IT Savvy will not able to differentiate. Phishing is an example of social engineering techniques used to deceive users, and exploits weaknesses in current web security. Attempts to deal with the growing number of reported phishing incidents include legislation, user training, public awareness, and technical security measures.


An easy way to know whether it is legit is by placing your mouse cursor on the the CLICK HERE link. It will display where the destination going to be. For example if it is from maybank2u.com is should be link you back to Maybank2u. In the photo it shows that it is connecting to http://mykeralawedding.com which their website has been hacked due to outdated source codes or plugins.


There are 2 ways of doing it.

Method 1 : Deploy A Firewall Into Your Network. Click on the video to understand in a nutshell what is the function of firewall.

A firewall is a device which take care the security of your internet access and do the necessary control on the traffic which set by the administrators. For more detail please drop us a message and we will get back to you.

Method 2 : Deploy a reliable Internet Security Software (Antivirus)

At Swisspac we have a wide range of internet security softwares. But one that our corporate clients favorite is the Webroot Internet Cloud Antivirus which is small, fast and accurate. The whole engine of the antivirus sits on Amazon AWS infrastructure that detects and resolve your malware, phishing and virus issue at an incredible high speed and light on computer resources. You can’t even feel that it is scanning at the back while it does it job to ensure your computers are free from threats.

Protect your computer at RM65+6% GST Per year.


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