Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Solution Provider In Malaysia

Converged infrastructure has similar aims but in most cases seeks to collapse compute, storage, and networking into a single SKU and provide a unified management layer.

The focus is on data control and management. Hyperconverged systems are also built using low-cost commodity x86 hardware which is Intel Xeon Based Servers.

Ever imagined why big brands like Facebook and Google Gmail never ask you to delete your data and yet the speed still as fast since day 1. Not to mention they growing by day.

The Hyper Converged Infrastructure is pretty similar to hard disk RAID technology. In Hard Disk RAID, the connecting cables are the SATA/SAS cables where by in Hyper Converged Infra is the Ethernet cables. The RAID Card would be the networking switches that behave like a RAID card that bind all servers together to give you one big machine which can be subdivided into multiple virtual machines.

In Malaysia you may heard about these kind of solutions from big companies which would cost a bomb. At Swisspac we are here to accommodate all your IT needs.

Swisspac is here to become the Hyper Converged Solution Provider in Malaysia where we have multiple flavors under our portfolio. We have the following brands that suits your budget.

DELL EMC Microsoft Software Defined Storage S2D

To know more or if you have interest to implement this, please contact us at www.swisspac.com.my

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