Centralized Hospitality Hotel Wifi Gateway Solution Malaysia

Over the years recently more and more hotels mushrooming in Malaysia. Ranging from low star to 5 stars ranking, all need one solution for their guests. WIFI Solutions.

Save cost is one thing. But deploying a reliable and manageable solution is the way to go. You don’t want to simply give your valuable bandwidth where certain area there are no broadband and heavily rely on dial up ADSL.

At Swisspac we got all the solutions for you.

Criteria Of A Good Hotel Wifi

  1. Single SSID across the hotel.
  2. Able to connect to Hotel Management Software where you can issue USER ID as Room Number and Password is the Surname Of the guest. This can be done with a gateway solution where it controls the access of the Wifi User.
  3. Roaming from room to lobby without need to reconnect.
  4. Traffic shaping to allow fair usage policy in the premise so that no one user can abuse the limited bandwidth.
  5. Wide range of brands depending on customer budget. We carry the following brands where each come with its own PROS and CONS of Commercial/Enterprise grade WIFI Access Points.
    Aruba (Formerly HP) (On Premise Controller)
    Cambium Networks (Cloud and On Premise Controller)

    Cisco and Meraki (Cloud and On Premise Controller)
    Engenius Neutron (On Premise Controller)
    Pepwave (Cloud and On Premise Controller)
    Ruckus (On Premise Controller)
    Ubiquiti (On Premise Controller)
  6. Ease of maintain. You don’t need to walk over to each AP, plug in cable just to change setting and update firmware. Same goes for rebooting the AP.
  7. Wifi Signal Inteference mitigation. This can only be achieve with commercial and enterprise grade Wifi Access Points.

CONTACT US Today! We cover services from ground up including design, planning, building and support. Start from cabling, installing and tuning plus support.

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