Data Recovery Services In Malaysia

We have been doing the service since 2009 on helping our customers to recover data from their damaged, dropped, jam head, bad sectors and so on. Mechanical hard disk do come with a life span and it only spins up to certain hours and beyond that it will get bad sectors or completely stop working. It is measured by MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).

How Do A Hard Disk Work?


How to Tell If Your Hard Disk is Failing?

Type Of Hard Disk Failure or Common Problems of Data Recovery Customers

  1. Jam Head with Clicking Sound.
    This is a hardware failure and need to utilize our clean room to do the data extraction. We take this case as HARDWARE BASED RECOVERY 
  2. When I plug in the hard disk to my computer, it can detect but cannot copy out the files that I want.
    There are chances of bad sectors start to develop due to wear and tear. Hard disk that work hard (use in download torrent or heavy duty processing) will tends to wear and tear faster.  The data can be extracted without need to open the drive in clean room and we consider this as SOFTWARE BASED RECOVERY 
  3. Accidentally dropped the hard disk.
    Please refer to number 1 as we will need to do parts transplant and perform the data extraction. This is a HARDWARE BASED RECOVERY
  4. Accidentally formatted or deleted files
    We can get back your data as long as the sectors is not overwritten with new data. This is a SOFTWARE BASED RECOVERY
  5. External Hard Disk after plugged into computer USB port and not detected.
    This is confirm a hardware failure where the PCB board is having issue. HARDWARE BASED RECOVERY

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the process to get my data back? CLICK GET A QUOTE ABOVE or CONTACT US
    Please send in to any of Swisspac Retail outlets or direct courier to our Petaling Jaya Office. Then we will do a complimentary diagnostics whether the data can be retrieve. If we success to see the data, we will give you an official quotation.
  2. If you can’t get my data back will there be any charges?
    No Data No Charge. You only have to bear your own shipping cost or absolutely FREE if you hand carry in.
  3. How do I transport the data from your side to me after recovery process done?
    Customer either can provide us an adequate size external/internal hard disk in order to copy the data. We also can sell you a brand new drive since we have a full wide range of storage solutions.
  4. What is the price?



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